Privacy policy

Our privacy policies are fairly straightforward and have been listed below for your use:

  • Cookies are sometimes used to temporarily store information for use by HTML code within certain web pages on this site. No personal information is gathered from you or stored in these temporary cookies.

  • No part of this web site requires you to login. All parts of this web site are fully accessible from any link on any of the pages of this site. If any login screens should appear while you are accessing our web site then you should immediately disconnect from the Internet as your computer security has been compromised in one form or another.

  • Financial information is not requested from you nor is it obtained from PayPal™. Should you choose to donate to our ministry or purchase any of our training materials then you are hereby advised that ALL financial transactions are carried out within the confines of the secure pages of PayPal™. ETI has no access to any information transmitted between you and the secure pages on

  • While ETI is not in the business of online marketing we do maintain a confidential email list that we use for our subscribers. This list is NOT kept online, nor is it available for purchase, lease, loan, or simple viewing. This list is used solely to keep opt-in subscribers informed of events within the ministry. Should you desire to be placed on our email list then you are directed to our contact page for more information.

  • Personal information obtained through our training sessions is used internally for the ministry and is not available to anyone outside of our ministry. If you attend one or more of our training information you can rest assured that any information, personal or public, that you supply to us is considered as private.

  • External media sites are used by ETI to increase our Internet presence and enhance your experience while visiting our web site. These media and social media sites all require their users to have an account to access their web content. ETI does not have a relationship with any of these external sites that can be used to obtain your account information. Since ETI does not have access to this account information then you cannot contact us regarding problems which you may experience while trying to access your account on these external sites.

  • If you have any concerns or questions regarding the privacy policies in effect for our web site then you are directed to our contact page where you will find information allowing you to contact us via email or USPS mail.