God has called the ministry of Evangelism Training International to equip & encourage believers to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many faithful people are not sure what evangelism is, they know what the term ‘evangelism’ means, but they do not really know how to go door-to-door to share their faith. It is a function of the church to share the Gospel of Jesus but it is difficult when you do not know how to effectively share your faith.

E.T.I. can teach your staff & congregation how to share the Gospel effectively. We teach the essentials of Christian evangelism. We travel throughout the United States & around the world conducting soul-winning seminars to teach pastors & their congregations how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors & strangers on the streets of their hometowns.

Our blog features messages & sermons on an array of topics ranging from books of the Bible to modern day society. Feel free to follow our profile on Medium to read & utilize all of our writings!


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